Ollie T-Shirts Raise $2,400 and Counting!


As one of our first fundraisers, we decided to make and sell some Ollie T-shirts. The main goal is to raise awareness, and we thought we might as well try to raise some money while we’re at it.

Our initial goal was to sell 100 shirts and raise a couple hundred bucks. Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, we’re already at 150+ shirts and more than $2,400 in funds raised!

I can’t tell you how much this means. One of the scariest things you face when losing a child is that they will be forgotten. Their time here was so short, what if everyone forgets? It is indescribably powerful to see people wearing a shirt with his name on it, helping us celebrate his life and use his memory to make a difference for the thousands of kids that fight this battle every year.

BIG Love Cancer Care Raises over $30,000 in Memory of Ollie

Dallas and B.I.G. Love’s founder, Jessica Phillips, share some happy memories of Ollie and Brooke on stage at BankOnPurpose. They were both special kids, and they are still spreading smiles!

Dallas and B.I.G. Love’s founder, Jessica Phillips, share some happy memories of Ollie and Brooke on stage at BankOnPurpose. They were both special kids, and they are still spreading smiles!

Every year, Dallas’ employer (PrecisionLender) hosts a conference in Austin, Texas. The conference is called BankOnPurpose, and is attended by banks and tech companies that serve banks. Yes, it is just as nerdy as it sounds.

As a part of this conference, PrecisionLender supports a local charity in Austin. During Ollie’s treatment, we came across a wonderful Austin charity called B.I.G. Love. It was started by the Phillips family in memory of their daughter, Brooke, who lost her battle with cancer at age 5 in 2006. They serve patients and families during their hospital stays, and are a wonderful ray of sunshine through some of the hardest days imaginable. After seeing their impact firsthand, the team at PrecisionLender decided to make B.I.G. Love the donation recipient for the conference in both 2018 and 2019. In addition to giving a forum to talk about the need, they graciously agreed to match all donations collected as a part of the conference (thank you, Ken and Carl!).

In 2019 the total raised in memory of Ollie was $31,780! These funds will be used to help families and patients navigate the trials of treatment and hospital stays, and we are honored to be able to use Ollie’s courageous fight to help other kids.

2018 Fundraising Totals

fundraising logos.png

For obvious reasons, 2018 was a nightmare year. We started the year in the fight of our lives, right in the middle of a bone marrow transplant. In July, we lost our sunshine when neuroblastoma took our Ollie, and it forever altered our lives.

With a lot of help from a few special people, we tried to use our story and Ollie’s memory to do some good in the world. Our family had a lot of trouble staying focused on the effort, and it is incredibly painful for us. But it is also important.

I’m proud to say that even though all of the struggles, Ollie was able to pay forward some hope and healing.

In 2018, these were the approximate totals (I may have missed a few here and there):

  • St. Baldrick’s Foundation: $10,786

  • Carbone Cancer Center: $15,000+

  • B.I.G. Love Cancer Care: $14,410

  • Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation: $4,000+

  • Great Cycle Challenge: $1,000+

That is a grand total of more than $45,000 that will go towards pediatric cancer research and helping cancer patients and their families. We love you, Ollie, and we’ll keep fighting this fight on your behalf!

Carbone's Race for Research

team ollie pic.jpg

On October 27th, “Team Ollie” participated in Carbone’s Race for Research at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Oliver’s cousin, Megan Spurgeon, has run in the race for two years now, and this year organized a team to run in Ollie’s name.

Team Ollie was the top fundraising team with a record breaking total of more than $15,000! Plus, Ollie’s brother, Simon, was the top individual fundraiser at nearly $6,000!

After the race we met with members of the research team working on neuroblastoma treatments that will be the recipients of the money. They were kind enough to show us through their lab, and describe some of their latest work. It was great to be able to tie the fundraising to the tangible research being done. Great job, Team Ollie!