Raise Funds and Awareness with a T-Shirt!


One of the most difficult parts of losing a child is facing the fear that your baby will be forgotten. Oliver had such a short time in this world, and too few people got to know what a bright, shining person he was. We’ve designed these shirts so that he can be remembered, and so that we can continue to fight in his name. We wear ours constantly in hope that we can spark a conversation about Ollie and his brave battle.

Why this design? Glad you asked!

  1. Ollie LOVED superheroes. This logo is now his very own superhero symbol, worn proudly on our chests.

  2. Ollie LOVED trees.

  3. The symbol actually spells his name! (The circle is the O, the two sides of the tree are the Ls, the trunk of the tress is the I, and the lines on the left side are the E. A tree that spells OLLIE.)

If you would like your own Ollie shirt, we have two options for you:



We keep an inventory of shirts on hand, and would be happy to hand you one in person (if you live near Rolla, MO) or ship it to you.

The shirts are $20, and ALL proceeds will go to Ollie’s Hero Fund at St. Baldrick’s (we happily pay the cost of the shirt so that 100% of your money goes directly to the fight). You can hand us cash, or if you want the tax deduction, you can make out a check to St. Baldrick’s Foundation or donate online.

Just fill in this form and we’ll contact you with color and pick-up options!

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If it is more convenient, we also keep a running t-shirt fundraiser going online. This option is for convenience and spreading awareness, but it raises less money per shirt.

The shirts are still $20, and the amount that is sent to St. Baldrick’s is dependent on how many shirts are sold in the month (though you can make an extra donation that would be much appreciated).